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I started shopping for a warranty when I decided what Motorhome I wanted. I talked with the finance manager at the dealership, but the Warranty he quoted me was $4,000 higher than the quote I received with RV Ultimate Protection Direct. I even picked my coverages and deductible amount. I am very satisfied with my experience.

-Kelley C.
Verified Purchase
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Brenda C.
Verified Purchase
When we bought our motor home, we realized that a warranty was very pricey. got online and started comparing coverages. We found Platinum Coverage with RVUPD for half the price we were offered at the dealer. The process was so easy. We filled out a quick questionnaire. A few minutes later, we received an email with payment and coverage options. We customized our coverage to fit our budget. Now we are planning a trip with the money we saved. Awesome People and Coverage! We definitely recommend checking them out before you purchase anything.
Violet R.
Verified Purchase
We are newly retired empty nesters. Camp ground hopping across the country has been our dream. We just purchased a Keystone Montana to fulfill our dream. We are on a fixed income so getting the best coverage for our money is important. We were able to save over a $1,000 purchasing our warranty from RVUPD directly online. We are very happy with our coverage. They have been very patient with us. We really like being able to call and speak with a technician when we have questions. We highly recommend this company.

-Violet R.
Anthony H.
Verified Purchase
The process to buy a warranty is so simple with RV Ultimate Protection. I have bought 2 warranties from them and when I had to file a claim it was so easy to have my RV fixed.

-Anthony H.
James H.
Verified Purchase
After purchasing our first camper my wife and I went down to the gulf for our first trip. We arrived Friday afternoon and prepared for our first 3 days of much needed relaxation since our daughter had been born.  We woke the next morning to a major leak.  I spent an hour on google watching videos and calling parts store before my wife woke up.  She reminded me we’d bought a warranty on our unit and made a phone call to a local RV repair center and they sent a mobile tech out to our site, they came out and fixed our leak before I’d finished loading our gear for the beach.  No kidding, I would have happily pulled out my wallet and paid more for that repair experience than we did the full 5 years of protection.  I probably sold more warranties than any of their agents that weekend to EVERYONE in the campground”

-James H.
John S.
Verified Purchase
It’s was so easy and fast for me to get a warranty with them. I will use them for all of my warranties from now on.

-John S.
RV Ultimate Protection Direct

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