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Why should I have an Extended Service contract for my recreational vehicle?

An RV Extended Service Contract, commonly referred to as an “RV Warranty”, is an affordable solution to the high cost of breakdowns. With an RV Extended Service Contract you pass the risk, and the bill, onto the administrator and insurer. Additionally, with each passing year motorhomes, travel trailers and 5th wheels have become increasingly complex.

Unfortunately, this new technology is more costly to repair or replace, with the average RV repair costing upwards of $300 per hour. With high labor costs and pricey parts, an RV repair could put a huge hole in your RV budget. Securing an RV Extended Service Contract will provide you with peace of mind that should you run into unexpected and costly RV breakdowns out on the road, you’ll be covered.

What type of RV Extended Service Contract do you offer?

At RV Ultimate Protection Direct we proudly offer the Exclusionary Diamond Coverage, the most comprehensive coverage available in the industry today. Our goal is to provide our customers with only the absolute best coverage possible, which in turn will ensure that virtually all mechanical and electrical concerns are covered. For more details, or to speak with one of our RV Protection Specialists who can help you find the perfect coverage today, call us now.

How likely is it that my RV will even break down?

Unfortunately, your odds of suffering a major mechanical breakdown go up with every passing year. According to historical data supplied by a collection of  national RV Mechanical Claims Administrators more than 3 out of every 10 RVs will need major repairs in only their second year on the road. This skyrockets to 8 out of 10 in their fifth year, and virtually ALL of them in their eighth year! Today’s RVs are increasingly more complex, and with more things to go wrong, the need to protect your investment rises.  RVDA recently compared the shaking of an RV while being driven on a highway at 60mph to that of an Earthquake measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale.  Now imagine your home being shaken in that manner, it is no longer a case of, if a failure will occur, it’s when will it occur. 

Will an RV Extended Coverage pay for labor, too?

The claim authorization that is provided to your licensed repair facility will cover the retail cost for parts and labor is authorized based on the amount of labor time that will be required to diagnose and repair your RV at the repair facility’s posted hourly retail labor rate. So in short, we will authorize repairs at a retail cost for both parts and labor.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer an interest free payment option that can be started with as little as a 10% down payment.  The remaining balance is split into 12 equal recurring installments that are automatically debited from your credit card or bank account.  The first installment is debited 45 days after purchase and then monthly thereafter.

There is no credit check and balances may be paid off early without penalty. At 0%, this option can be extremely attractive for people on a budget or those who are credit savvy.  Ask your RV Protection Specialist about how to take advantage of our financing option and about our special discount program for those customers who choose to pay for their contract in full.

Is the RV Extended Service plan transferable and/or cancellable?

Yes, your RV Protection Plan can be transferred to someone who wishes to purchase from you, should you decide to sell it privately.  This is a great feature as you can easily recoup a substantial portion of the monies that you have paid for your Coverage Plan due to the RV’s increased resale value. Additionally our RV Protection Plans allow you to change your mind and receive a 100% refund within the first 30 days.  After 30 days, refunds are subject to a proration based on the amount of time that has transpired since your contract purchase, any claims paid on your behalf, the satisfaction of any payment plans balance, and a cancellation fee.

Which facilities are approved by your company to perform authorized repairs?

You can take your RV to the licensed repair facility of your choice anywhere in the United States or Canada. We will gladly provide your facility with an authorization for repair, once they have reported the failures to your RV and the repair estimate to one of our ASE Certified claims advisors.  When the work is completed, the repair facility will provide us with a signed final invoice, and we will pay them for all of the repairs that were authorized with a corporate credit card. 

How long has RVUPD been in the RV business?

We and our administrative partners have been proudly providing RV owners with Industry leading repair protection for almost 40 yrs.  We have a wealth of experience and know how to work with facilities to ensure that your repairs are authorized, performed, and paid for quickly and efficiently.

Am I authorized to perform my own repairs.

All repairs must be performed by a licensed repair facility that has received prior authorization.  Licensed refers to an entity that has obtained a Business License within your state to perform repairs.

Can I have a mobile repair person come to my location to diagnose the problems with my RV and then get authorized to do the work.

Yes, all of our plans include coverage for On-Site Mobile Technician fees up to $200 for trip charges or service calls provided that the issue with your RV is covered by your Protection Plan.  The payment of approved repairs includes the $200 benefit to have the technician come to your location (trip charge) and any other costs to repair the failed parts on your RV.  The Service Call benefit is also applicable to failures that you may incur while your RV is covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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